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           QwickNote - Never Forget Again

          QwickNote is the new generation note taking app. It is basically a cure against short-term memory. It is so simple, fast and practical that you gonna be amazed how user friendly it is. Scientists have proven, that on avarage, a man can only keep information in short term memory for 30 seconds or less and 7 objects at most. That's why we created a note app, which takes no time to open and use.


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  • Jeff Carroll (Friday, 08. August 2014 03:54)

    Great app, I like it. But I need checklist functionality like Wunderlist (which I quit using because slow) and Keep. Also would like ability to capture penstrokes as images (like a sticky note) because handwriting recognition is slow.

  • Joe (Friday, 18. July 2014 19:54)

    Hei Guys

    Thanks for the app, at first i didn't believe it is good because I already used google keep and it's great, but qwicknote is more practical and widget keeps my eyes on notes all the time. Great work, Thank You.

  • Iwantitapps (Tuesday, 15. July 2014 23:25)

    Hi There:

    Thanks for the twitter follow,we also just added your upcoming app to our facebook and twitter feeds
    Have you had a chance to check out our app advertising promotion


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